VIDEO: The Blazing Cannon

VIDEO: The Blazing Cannon
Posted by Betsafe, Caroline at 2013/08/02  in News ,Poker
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WARNING! This game is totally insane and could seriously boost your bankroll! The promotion will begin on Wednesday 7th August 2013.

Play Betsafe’s ‘Quick-Fold’ poker game and you could win instant cash amounts of €1, €10 or a huge €100 – no strings attached – if you can bring down the house of cards in our cool Blazing Cannon game!

How it works: 

  • Play on our Blaze Poker tables at stakes of €0.05/€0.10 or €0.25/€0.50; and for every 20 hands you win after the flop you’ll activate our ‘Blazing Cannon’ mini-game.
  • Take aim and fire the cannon at the house of cards and you could win a cash bonus from €1 up to €100 INSTANTLY - depending upon how many gold suits you can knock down!
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of Blazing Cannon bonuses you can win, so get playing on Blaze Poker today to claim your share of the free cash!

What Is Blaze Poker? 

Blaze poker is the ultimate action game where you play against a pool of players instead of a set number of opponents at a single table. Don’t like your hand or your position? No problem. In Blaze Poker you can fold at any point and you’ll be instantly re-seated at a new table, with a new set of opponents.

Don’t forget… use the ‘+1 Button’ on your table to double the amount of Blazing Cannon fun!

Don’t have Poker Black yet? Download it here!

Here’s a preview on the game: