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Supercar Drifting Uphill in Snow - Jon Olsson's Rebellion R2K

With just eight weeks to go to this year’s Gumball 3000 #Miami2Ibiza rally, it’s time to reveal the true colors of the Rebellion R2K in its new Gumball camo look! Jon took his supercar to Storlien, Sweden for some high altitude...

Posted by Betsafe at 2014/04/11  in Gumball 3000 ,News ,Sports ,Team Betsafe
Some pics from Verbier

Pics, pics and and some more pics. Check out the footage from the Gumball 3000 reunion in Verbier a couple of weeks ago. Photocred to our awesome photographer Oskar Bakke!

Posted by Betsafe, Erik at 2014/02/17  in Gumball 3000 ,Team Betsafe
The road to Gumball 3000 has started

Gumball 3000 reunion in Verbier. No need to say more than that. Just check out the video.

Posted by Betsafe, Erik at 2014/02/10  in News ,Team Betsafe
Zyrken in Liverpool

How do you train to become a world class parkour pro? Our buddy Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson shows you how to in his latest video from Liverpool and the grand opening of the Airborn Academy. Check it out!

Posted by Betsafe, Erik at 2014/01/29  in News
Jon gives his readers an update on "The Olympic bet"

In 2007, our two athletes Jon Olsson and Jens Byggmark made a bet on whether Jon would be able to get a spot in the Swedish Olympic alpine team for Sochi 2014.  Jon’s 5,000 euro bet on that he would make it was backed by Jens...

Posted by Betsafe, Erik at 2014/01/28  in Team Betsafe